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VR Focus - New Screenshots Tease New Track Features

It’s time for a fresh round of screenshots for anticipated virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi racing title, Radial-G

VR Focus - Radial-G Heading to PAX Aus

Today it’s been confirmed that upcoming sci-fi racing title Radial-G will be on display at the show.

VR Focus - Radial-G Single Player Demo Updated

Developer Tammeka Games revealed that the title would be launching on Steam in late 2014, with an updated version of its single player demo arriving before then. Today sees that demo finally launch, bringing with it a range of improvements to the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) support.

Road to VR - Radial-G Nominated for ``Best Gameplay`` in Inaugural Proto Awards

The inaugural Proto Awards, a ceremony to honor those making early strides in consumer virtual reality development, has revealed the nominees for 10 categories. Award winners will be announced at the award ceremony at the end of this week hosted by Thomas Middleditch of HBO’s startup-comedy, Silicon Valley.

VR Focus - Updated Demo Coming Ahead of Launch

the developer has confirmed that it will be updating that demo with a raft of new features ahead of the full version’s late-2014 release with full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

VR Focus - Radial-G Secures Funding For Full Version, Launch Details Inside

Tammeka Games has revealed to VRFocus that is has secured funding from a group that wishes to remain anonymous at this point in time. The funding arrives in time for the developer to bring the first full version of Radial-G out on PC via Steam in late 2014.

The Rift Arcade - Radial-G Gets Fully Funded, Updated Demo Coming Soon

We’re delighted to reveal that Tammeka Games has managed to fully fund the development of Radial-G.

One Angry Gamer - Wipeout Inspired Racer Gets Greenlit for Steam

Well, this little gem has been selected by Valve as part of the batch of games being greenlit for September.

VR Focus - Radial-G Passes Steam Greenlight Campaign

The developer has announced that its virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi racing title has passed its Steam Greenlight campaign and is approved for sale on Valve’s digital store when it releases in full.

Red Bull - 10 Games You Need to Greenlight on Steam Now!

It’s been getting on 10 years since Nintendo proffered us an F-Zero game, and with the Sony studio behind Wipeout now defunct too, where’s a gamer supposed to get his high-speed futuristic racing thrills?

VR Focus - EXCLUSIVE Developer Blog Posts

A series of developer blog posts published during the Kickstarter campaign

VR Focus - Kickstarter Campaign Post-Mortem Pt.2

Today we bring you the second and final part of that article, looking directly at what went wrong with the campaign, what the team learned, and what it would do differently next time. As the developer stresses at the end, this won’t be the last we see of Radial-G

VR Focus - Kickstarter Campaign Post-Mortem Pt.1

Few Kickstarter campaigns see as much of a commitment from its creators as Radial-G developer Tammeka Games. Over the course of a month, developer poured everything it had.

VR Reviewer - 20 Questions with Sam Watts / Radial-G Producer

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask leading industry developers and personalities 20 questions

Gracze Sluchacze : Radial G – uratuj ścieżkę z potencjałem przed nieufundowaniem (PL)

Narobię wam smaku, a co. Za niespełna trzy doby zakończy się kickstarterowa składka poświęcona Radial-G, futurystycznym wyścigom korzystającym z dobrodziejstw okularów 3D Oculus Rift.

Beavers.it - Radial-G Preview (IT)

Radial-G è la demo più bella di tutte, la più divertente, la più emozionante, la più del più.

CounterFrag - VR Racing from the Ground Up

If VR is to go mainstream, it’s going to need a few system sellers. Well, that just might be where Radial-G comes in.

US Gamer - Fear Not F-Zero Fans, The Futuristic Racer Isn't Dead

One intrepid developer is stepping up to the plate to provide a new futuristic racing experience. Tammeka Games is pitching Radial-G on Kickstarter as a new take on the anti-gravity racers we used to love.

Kotaku-UK - Radial-G is Like a Virtual Reality WipEout

Playing Radial-G – an Oculus Rift enabled, blisteringly fast racer that’s on Kickstarter right now – brought it right back to the forefront of my mind.

Oculus Rift Italia - Per il creatore di Radial-G, la magia è nel cockpit (IT)

Abbiamo già avuto modo di parlare di Radial-G su Oculus Rift Italia. Si tratta, all’atto pratico, di una versione di Wipeout per la realtà virtuale. L’idea è quindi quella di muoversi all’interno di veicoli futuristici in gare alla velocità della luce.

VR Focus - Radial-G Dev: 'VR is here to stay this time'

Sam Watts reasoned that ‘VR is here to stay this time’ thanks to the advances in videogame technology since previous attempts.

Oculus Rift Italia - VR is Going to Surpass Movies

I would also like a good futuristic racing game. Radial-G is a good example.

Strategy Informer - Kickstarter Profile: Tammeka's Radial-G

Good things come to those who wait, a proverb that may well be fulfilled by Windows based racer Radial-G, should its Kickstarter campaign find success.

NOTplaying - Podcast #38 - Radial-G

On this week’s show it’s once again very much all about what we haven’t not been playing

VR Focus - Radial-G DK2 Demo Being Sent Out This Week

Tammeka Games revealed that it would be sending out a PC and Mac compatible DK2 demo to anyone that requests it via email.

Road to VR - Radial-G DK2 PC / Mac Build Set For Soft-Launch Next Week

Tammeka Games just sent an update to backers stating that a demo supporting both Mac OSX and the soon to be released Oculus Rift DK2 is due for a ‘soft’ release early next week.

DealSpwn - Military-Grade Arcade Racing On Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus

Radial-G was one of the highlights of this year’s Develop Conference Expo.

Polygon - Radial G is Fast, Beautiful and Shows Mastery of Virtual Reality Design

It’s the sort of experience that should make players sick, especially in virtual reality, but the game is easy on your stomach and eyes. That wasn’t an easy task.

DealSpwn - Kickstarting the Virtual Reality WipEout We've Been Waiting For

If you’re tired of waiting for Nintendo and Sony to get their act together, Radial-G is shaping up nicely.

Enter VR - Radial-G is Breaking all the VR Game Design Rules & Getting Away With It

On today’s show, I speak with Sam Watts a game producer/community manager behind Radial G, a game that puts you in the cockpit of a high speed futuristic racing game.

Cymatic Bruce - Sunday VR Stream Ep.24 - Radial-G (& other new VR releases)

Cymatic Bruce plays Radial-G for the first time on his Sunday VR LIve Stream

Enter the Rift - 3D Test - Radial-G (FR)

Grands amateurs de Wipe Out et autres jeux de courses mettant en scène des vaisseaux dévorant la piste, notre partenaire, Halluciner.fr a pu mettre la main sur Radial-G, jeu de course compatible Oculus Rift.

VR Focus - Discussing Kickstarter Progress, Builds & Sony Morpheus Plans

Radial-G has been highlighted as one destined for success, and the recent acquisition of a Project Morpheus development kit only further aids the suggestion that the videogame is likely to become a landmark virtual reality (VR) title.

Voices of VR - Interview with Sam Watts, Radial-G Game Producer

Radial-G is set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk environment and has some extremely fast-moving game play that most VR gamers would expect would give them simulator sickness, but most are surprised to find that it’s extremely comfortable.

Indie Haven - Develop Indie Showcase Honourable Mention - Radial-G

Why an honourable mention? Well, mainly because this game was really fun and my first chance to try out an Oculus Rift – although you can play it on a normal monitor too.

Oculus Rift Italia - Hands-on: Radial-G, un Wipeout in realtà virtuale (IT)

Radial-G è un racing game futuristico dai toni sci-fi sul quale sono a lavoro i ragazzi del team Tammeka

Eight-and-a-Half-Bit - Radial-G Crowd-funding Pick of the Week

Ben from Eight-and-a-Half-Bit chooses Radial-G as his crowd-funded pick of the week

YOGSCAST - Let's Play Radial-G

YOGSCAST takes to the track to try out Radial-G : Racing Revolved WARNING: as with all Let’s Play videos, there may be bad language contained within

eVRydayVR - Let's Play Radial-G

eVRydayVR takes to the track to try out Radial-G : Racing Revolved WARNING: as with all Let’s Play videos, there may be bad language contained within

Emart - Let's Play Radial-G

Emart takes to the track to try out Radial-G : Racing Revolved WARNING: as with all Let’s Play videos, there may be bad language contained within

Indie Retro News - Zero-G Racer from AA Experienced Team & Interview

I have to say, Radial-G already looks totally stunning. What can be seen so far is already well polished and they have the makings of a top notch experience on their hands.

VR Gaming - Radial-G : Racing Revolved

I have very fond memories of my childhood console gaming and high speed racing was right up there on my favourites list of genres

Indie Game Mag - Futuristic Racer Radial-G Features Oculus Rift

A new racer is just around the corner, this time on the track with the latest technology. UK studio Tammeka Games is developing Radial-G: Racing Evolved with Oculus Rift support in mind.

AlphaBetaGamer - Radial G: Racing Revolved – Alpha Demo

Radial G: Racing Revolved is essentially an extremely fast first person F-Zero, set on tubular tracks, with high-end graphics and Oculus Rift Support – a high-octane, futuristic arcade racer for the VR generation.

Silicon Era - With No F-Zero Or Wipeout On The Horizon, Perhaps Radial-G Can Fill That Void

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of smaller developers attempt to fill the void that was created when Nintendo decided to bench F-Zero and Sony closed down Wipeout developer Studio Liverpool.

GameCowboys - Weekly Podcast with Sam Watts of Tammeka Games

A weekly Dutch gaming podcast talking all things gaming, usually in Dutch but switched to English for the coverage

Gaming Blend - Wipeout-Style Racer With Oculus Rift Support Lands On Kickstarter

The game is exceptionally fast and furious and is based around player reflex and twitch skills. There’s a really awesome video of the gameplay that you can see in action below.

Road to VR - Radial-G Gives F-Zero and Wipeout Fans the VR Ride They’ve Been Waiting For

‘Radial-G: Racing Revolved’ fuses some of the look and feel and breakneck thrills of Wipeout with the vertigo inducing cylindrical raceways of F-Zero GX and it does all that with ground up support for virtual reality

Inner Rift - Racing for the VR Generation

The visuals on this game are amazing, I actually found myself slowing down to admire the scenery and detail out of the cockpit window!. Add into the mix an Oculus Rift and a set of headphones and the level of immersion is addictive

VR Nerds - Radial G - Arcade Sci-Fi Racer for Virtual Reality (DE)

Heute ist ein guter Tag für VR-Fans. Nicht nur, dass Radial-G seit heute die Kickstarter Kampagne startet, nein, man kann sich seit heute auch eine Singleplayer Demo von Radial-G via Oculus-Share herunterladen.

VR Focus - Tammeka Talk Kickstarter & Multi-Format Releases

Tammeka’s Kickstarter campaign for Radial-G has launched today and VRFocus is right there bringing you the details straight from the developer. Along with the Kickstarter and playable demo comes an exclusive interview revealing more about the videogame and it’s potential future on multiple formats.

PC Gamer - Radial-G hands-on: the sci-fi Oculus Rift racer with echoes of F-Zero

Radial-G’s tagline promises ‘racing revolved’, which is a rather clever way of saying, “the tracks in this futuristic hover-racer are cylindrical.”

CVG - Extreme-G successor Radial-G looks like an Oculus Rift version of F-Zero

We doff our collective cap to Brighton-based indie developer Tammeka Games, who’s just launched a Kickstarter for what might end up being a worthy alternative.

VR Focus - Tammeka Launches Kickstarter and Demo

Oculus Rift support will allow players to ‘become one’ with their chosen ship, racing in a cockpit view with a full 360 degrees of viewing motion.

Rift Arcade - Single Player Demo Available to Download

It’s clear that the team at Tammeka Games, based in Brighton, UK, know their craft. This might be a first demo of their first ever game but it’s polished, graphically adept and fun to play.

Real O Virtual - Radial-G Kickstarter Campaign and Demo (ES)

Campaign reaches Kickstarter Radial-G, a frenetic racing game that brings back the feelings of classics like Wipeout and F-Zero, with the difference that this time feel the vertigo and speed in the first person from within the ship and virtual reality.

The Rift Arcade - Radial-G Demo Hands-On Preview

It’s clear that there’s talent at work here, with the best parts from Wipeout and F-Zero melded into one satisfying demo that comes alive through the Rift headset.

One Angry Gamer - Radial-G Aims to Bring F-Zero, Wipeout-style Racing to Steam

The game is absolutely righteous and combines all the speed and quickness required from F-Zero, with the futuristic aesthetics and atmosphere from the PlayStation classic, Wipeout.

Oculus Rifter - Radial-G YouTube Video Review

Great visuals, fast speeds and leader boards!

Indie Haven - Episode 53 with Sam Watts & Radial-G

Having had a chance to go hands on with the game we chat to Sam about the game’s upcoming Kickstarter, the challenges of not causing your players to vomit, how easy Unity is to work with and discuss the plural term for Sony’s Morpheus.

VR Reviewer - Radial-G Preview

Radial-G is a sharp, addicting, arcade racer in the tradition of F-Zero or Wipeout. It’s clearly been built with the Rift in mind and is all the better for it!

VR Focus - Radial-G Preview

This may sound like a familiar experience. And this is most certainly Tammeka Games’ intention. However, there is an ace up the indie team’s sleeve: virtual reality (VR).

VR Focus - Radial-G Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

Ahead of the launch of the title’s Kickstarter campaign and demo on 3rd July 2014, a Steam Greenlight campaign has been published.

VR Focus - Radial-G Website Confirms Morpheus Plans

Tammeka has today launched the official website for the forthcoming Radial-G, a brand new racing videogame designed for virtual reality (VR).

VR Focus - Radial-G Getting Demo and Kickstarter Launch Next Week

Players will be able to try out the PC title for free using the Oculus Rift VR headset, though a standard version will also be available.

KZero - Radial-G Added to the VR Game Radar

The KZero VR Radar chart shows 12 key segments for consumer virtual reality games, demos and experiences.

VR Focus - Radial-G Receives New Screenshots and Artwork

Tammeka are releasing a constant stream of preview content for the recently revealed Radial-G, with the latest being a brand new batch of screenshots and artwork.

VR Focus - New Radial-G Gameplay Shows Off Cockpit

The Tammeka team has revealed the first video for the title ahead of the VR Brighton event, showing off a vehicle cockpit.

VR Focus - Sci-Fi Racer Headed to VR Brighton

Indie developer Tammeka has revealed that its upcoming sci-fi racer Radial-G will be heading to the VR Brighton Meetup this month, bringing with it the same two-player demo that it debuted at the end of May 2014.

VR Focus - Futuristic VR Racer Revealed by UK Studio

Tammeka has today teased the first details of their debut project; a virtual reality (VR) videogame by the name of Radial-G.