Radial-G : Racing Revolved has been developed primarily for Windows PCs and VR, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Razer OSVR but will be released on Sony PlayStation VR in 2017 too!

VR Support

Don your VR headset and become one with your craft for full immersion in the Radial-G world. Really feel like you’re inside the cockpit with full 360-degree viewing motion, giving you the ability to look around you to see the best racing lines or that opponent hot on your tail.

'NOculus' support (no VR headset required)

We appreciate that not everyone has access to a VR headset yet and some of you aren’t even interested in VR for gaming. So, we will develop the game to run and be just as much fun in “2D” flat-screen monitor display mode.

Control methods

We want to allow you to play the way you want to play. We understand not everyone has a wired PC Xbox controller – although this is currently the best way to play – but we know everyone has a keyboard at least. However we support a range of PC gaming peripherals


Prepare to race on a track like no other. In Radial-G the courses are built using a unique tubular design, allowing full rotation, so you can spin and swoop around 360-degrees to find the ultimate racing line.

Tracks will have characteristics unique to the region you’re racing in, and you’ll need to use your skills to properly overcome with the correct ship, and eventually exploit, these nuances.


Fill your garage with ships through gameplay unlocks – choose the right ship for each track to match your driving style