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Combat gameplay modes added weapons


Patch Notes – v1.191/0.6

Here it is, the big update we’ve all been waiting for! Update now for the following features: 

- New “Combat” gameplay modes adding weapons to races for single player and multiplayer 
- Three new ships to unlock through single player career and multiplayer 
- Upgraded Unity support to allow for better performance on mid-range PCs 
- A tonne of bug fixes and performance tweaks to ensure the game loads quicker for everyone 
- Updated Steam VR and Oculus Rift SDKs for better performance and more stable gameplay 
- Added dedicated OSVR HDK1.x and HDK2 support (64-bit CPUs only) 
>> Go to ‘Properties > Beta’ tab and select “osvr_dedicated” branch option to enable >> NB. You will need to run the OSVR Server before launching the game like any other normal dedicated OSVR game title